Deborah In South Carolina

Deborah is making a 1/4" King Sized Quilt! See her progress in the slideshow!

It is DONE!!! NEW Pictures Added 11/30/12!

Jane A

My recent quilt won a ‘blue’ at our local county fair. This quilt will hang at a county festival late this month (I am their featured artist). I so enjoy paper piecing, as it combines the best of both world….handwork and machine work.   Keep up your wonderful products.      


Jane A. in California 

Jim P

Thought you might like to see 2 quilts I finished.  The larger one in Halloween fabric is called "Grandma's Spooky Garden."  The smaller one is called "Primitive Stars."  I have now started 2 Patchwork of the Crosses in Oriental Fabric and will be teaching EPP at our guild's quilt retreat.

Jim P.

Al F. in Wisconsin

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Hello!  My wife, Sharon, and I enjoyed meeting all of you at the international quilt show in Chicago last April.  I have finished my first english paper piecing project--and it's a big one!  A grandmother's flower garden -- 108 x 108.  Attached are two photos - one of me putting on the last hexagon, and one of the quilt top on our bed.  Now we just need to get it quilted!!  :-)


I have another project going as well - my own design commemorating my Ironman triathlon experience.  I am mainly a winter stitcher, so I hope to complete it by next Spring.


Al F.

Amanda M

This is my very first EPP hexagon quilt. It's an I Spy quilt for a baby-to-be. I used your 1" hexagons and it measures 38" x 45" Such fun!

~Amanda M

Ann in Texas

Quilt from book "Quilts from Grandmother's Garden"

Ann Marie in Florida

Variation on Inner City

Black Twin Towers on top of Inner City Pattern with New York Skyline panel for lower border.  Not visible in picture are the 3000+ individual embroidered crosses on the towers in memory of lives lost on 9/11

Ann Towle-Mondull in Montana

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A student of our "Montana Ann", Ann Towle-Mondull has made a variety  of very cute Paper Piece Quilts and projects

Anne C

This is my first Paper Pieced Quilt.


I used 1/2" hexagons. Because they are rather small and intimidating for people you have not tried them, a friend of mine used to tell newcomers to our group that I was making a king size quilt! The reaction was always 'Oh! My God!'  This quilt is 46" x 48". I used a different fabric for each flower. Had I worked only on this quilt I would have made it a little bigger but I decided to stop when I ran out of scraps. Someone shared a few of her hexagons and your address with me to get me started, and I did the same. One friend used oriental fabrics. So far it looks very nice. I am so glad you like the quilt.


Annette B.

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This is a picture of Annette's first project. "I am just starting on my second quilt but had a mishap with the rotary cutter taking off the upper left corner of my index finger. I was warned those things were sharp but I got a bit careless after cutting so many yards of fabric and got distracted...I guess I learned my lesson the painful way." ~Annette


Athina finished her project and made this wonderful quilt! She is now working on a Classic Hexagon Quilt, A 1" Hexagon Diamond Single Ring with a Path.