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1920's Farmer's Wife Sew Along: Prep Time

Hey Stitchers, 

We’re so excited for the 1920’s Farmer’s Wife Sew Along hosted by Angie Wilson, @GnomeAngel, to kick off on August 24th. I'm guessing by this time most of you have your fabric picked out and your needles at the ready...and some of you have already started stitching!

If you’re new to English Paper Piecing, head over to Angie’s blog for some basic EPP tutorials by clicking here. If you’re a seasoned piecer, you might enjoy learning some new stitches! 

We love EPP because of the accuracy and the slow stitching but most of all for the portability! You can sew on your couch, on a road trip, in the pick-up line at your kids’ school, or in the doctor's office. The key to portability is getting organized. 

So, here I will tell you about some of our favorite tricks and accessories for preparing your Farmer’s Wife blocks and On the Go kit!

Spend time prepping your blocks - whether you find time to cut fabrics for 2 block at a time, or all 111 at the get-go, get something ready to take with you! I've mentioned this before, but don’t forget to glue your Paper to your Fabric as you're cutting - that way later on, you’ll remember “who” goes with “who” and ditch the guess work.

Another bit of advice is to label your blocks! You can number the bags you put them in or write on the wrong side of the Paper Pieces!

Next, find a favorite side-kick to store your supplies in.

We LOVE Yazzi Bags. They are gorgeous and durable, made from specialty fabric with zippers and pouches galore!

You can snag one from Yazzi by Clicking here.

Another brilliant idea comes from our Farmer’s Wife Sew Along Facebook group from Chelsea. She re-purposed a Crayola marker tin. With a few magnets, she has a slim little side-kick that she can take anywhere.

What’s your biggest tip for getting ready to start a project like this?

I can't wait to see what you create. 

Piece Out,