When the team at Paper Pieces met with Sheri from Whole Circle Studio last fall, we were excited about her Paper Pieced Typeset idea, so it was naturally a “yes” when she invited us to be a part of her blog tour.

When I started searching for the fabric for this project, I had a specific vision in mind. I knew I wanted flowers, and something calm but cheerful. As I sorted through the fabrics, I struggled with the idea of cutting into the cloth. I do not feel alone in this dilemma- we all have fabrics from designers that we love and collect, but it sits in a pristine stack because we are unable to cut into it!

Don’t get me wrong: I love a good fussy-cut, but I have trouble slicing through beautiful areas to get to a single motif. I chose two Alison Glass fabrics, “Grow” from her 2016 Sunprint Collection in two different color ways, and “Sunshine” from her Seventy-Six Collection (Andover Fabrics). The organic blend of flowers, moths, and bugs was exactly what I was looking for. The interconnected nature of the pattern provided me the perfect challenge for this project: I wanted to piece the print back together so that the print was preserved in the final block.

I am pleased with the result. The bold contrast of colors works well with the simple text of Typecast. Through careful cutting and piecing, I was able to maintain the beauty of the print, and it created a subtlety that is only recognized up close. It was so simple using the acrylic templates! If you would like to try this too, you can find free downloadable instructions for the here.

I finished the project by mounting batting and lightweight canvas to stretcher bars and used a blind stitch to attach the block to the background. This is a quick and easy method for framing your work, and a great way to quickly finish and display blocks or mini quilts. I prefer to use a fabric background or a lighter weight canvas because painter’s canvas can tough to stitch through- the batting gives it just enough padding to keep the wood from poking through the corners, and you can easily hand-quilt accents once it is framed.

This would make a great personalized gift for a swap or for a quilting friend!

The Typecast pattern and complete Paper Piece pack are available from Whole Circle Studio (https://shop.wholecirclestudio.com/typecast). In addition, Paper Pieces offers a Complete Acrylic Template Set, plus each of the letters a la carte here (https://www.paperpieces.com/Typecast-Assorted-Alphabet-Letters-Acrylics). This is a great option if you only one to make a few letters, or if you would like to spell out something specific.

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